Who We Are



Since its historical establishment in 1883, our company has been run with determination and a natural predisposition towards expansion and innovation, standing out for its strong family values.


Its history has been shaped by several pivotal steps, one of the most significant being that taken during the 1970s and 80s, when the company contributed to collecting references and studying new epoxy formulations at international level. Over the following years, the company evolved even further, creating new partnerships and generating a productive exchange of know-how with international groups.


The year 2010 marked another important step forwards: the partnership with the dynamic and growing company Colorificio Sifra, founded in Brescia in 1959. This union generated a winning synergy, one that permitted significant market expansion.


In recent years, the company has gone through a rejuvenation process, characterized by the renewal of the Industrie Bruno Stoppani r.p.s. Srl brand and the expansion of the product range (products for large-scale industry, the marine industry and industrial construction).

Its long-standing industrial tradition and deep sector knowledge has permitted Industrie Bruno Stoppani r.p.s. Srl to offer quality technical solutions that are in step with the times. Our constant desire for improvement and confidence in the future make it possible for us to meet the challenges of today and will enable us to meet those of tomorrow.

For this reason, we strongly believe that the most important part of our history is yet to be written, and we would like to write it together with you. Each new need or requirement is a challenge; a stimulus to grow and to re-elaborate the knowledge and experience we have acquired over time, in the light of new technologies and a pragmatic and irrepressible attitude to innovation.

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